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      1. Member Service And Price

        Committed to becoming the best user experience and the most cost-effective platform.

        VIP Member

        Check contact information
        and shipments

        USD $29.9/month Buy Now → Only 1 person online

        Blue Diamond

        Unlimited view company
        trade reports

        USD $459.9/Year Buy Now → Support 3 persons online

        Yellow Diamond

        Enterprise account, multi-person collaborative operation

        USD $759.9/Year Buy Now → Support 5 persons online
        Hot And New!Customized APP  Detail >
        31 countries (Indonesia except)Trade Countries32 Countries 32 Countries
        Company search and screening
        Support company name search
        Support product keywords search
        Search results without limit
        HS code search
        Contact screening
        Purchasing/supplying country screening
        Trading date screening
        Accurate Mactch
        Company Trade Report Detail >
        200 copies/dayCompany report number of inquiries Unlimited Unlimited
        ≤200 copies/dayOfficial contact information Unlimited Unlimited
        Market trend analysis chart
        Company trade data review
        Company shipments search
        Top 5Partner Directory and Transactions Unlimited Unlimited
        Top 5Import-Export Port Statistics Unlimited Unlimited
        Top 5Trading area analysis Unlimited Unlimited
        Email hunting tool Detail > Enjoy buying right Enjoy buying right
        Customs data section
        Original Customs Data Search
        View details of the original customs data
        Create industry report label
        Import-export industry analysis(qty, price)
        Trading region analysis
        Industry Import-export ports Statistics
        Industry Buyer Ranking
        Industry Supplier Ranking
        Original Customs Data Export
        Contact batch download
        Company trade data download
        Original Customs Data Export
        After-sales service and support
        Customs Data Update Service
        Personalized data push service

        Based on customs data, provide rich data usage scenarios!

        We have sorted out the following hot topics. Any issues, Please contact us.

        • What are the advantages and differences of your data?

        • Can unexpired VIP members upgrade to Yellow Diamond or Blue Diamond members?

        • How many countries's customs data could you provide? Is it true? How often is the data updated?

        • What are your payment methods? How to open accounts and permissions?

        • What are the data benefits? What details can we view?


        The ultimate customs data service provider.

        Accumulated nearly 1 million users worldwide, the largest online customs data inquiry platform.

        • Service concept
          and price

          Refuse to over-package products, original price renewal policy!
        • Data update and verification

          View 30 countries import-export data online. Updated twice a month.
        • Accurate data push

          Accurate target companies and data will be regularly pushed based on the data request.
        • After-sales service
          and support

          Professional consultants will provide you with after-sales service.

        Now we have 30 trade countries, which may be the most comprehensive in the market.The number of companies with contact information is up 150%.The data update speed has been up to twice a week.We rewrite the underlying procedures of the site so that it could be opened faster and faster.The new UI interface will refresh your eyes.We put huge human source and financial aspects of data cleaning and consolidation(You may occasionally find some obvious mistakes in data usage,which may be caused by the mechanism of data processing algorithms.For this reason,we still need to work hard.)

        As many countries prohibit the opening up of customs data to the laws,regulations and laws,which makes the customs data incomplete and have inherent defects.Based on the existing data of the 30 first-tier trading countries,we insist on earnestly doing data cleaning and consolidation on the original bill of lading data,carefully analyzing and researching data usage scenarios to create more needs for users.We don't pack the data in high-end and team collaoration.We just try to make it an indispensable tool and a data support in international trade.

        Our price and data are transparent.There is no guidance and over-marketing in the process.We only provide users with the best data and user experience.Even as the hardware,data and operating costs rise.we remain be the most-effective customers data service provider in the industry.Our vision is to be the most cost-effective and the best user experience provider.For this,we can not stop at anytime.